Coursework Elsewhere Form FAQ

Students requesting Coursework Elsewhere are responsible for reading this page and all pertinent information contained on the form itself.

Do seniors with with more than 90 credit hours (Hours Earned + Currently Enrolled Hours + Requested Hours > 90) need to complete a special form?

What schools can I transfer credit in from?

Is there a place where I can see what courses from other schools will transfer into the College of Charleston?

  • Transferology allows you to enter your courses taken at other institutions and view how they may transfer to the College.
  • For SC two-year colleges:
  • For colleges/universities within the United States (including SC schools):
    • The Transfer Equivalency Database contains a history of how courses have transferred to College of Charleston in the past. It is designed to be used as an unofficial resource and may not include all courses eligible for transfer to College of Charleston. However, when your Coursework Elsewhere form is submitted, the Transfer Resource Center will complete a formal evaluation of the possible transfer of the course(s).  

How do I know what my course will transfer in as after I have filled out the form?

  • You will need to refer to the bottom section of your Degree Works degree audit.  The outcome of your Coursework Elsewhere Form will be listed there.  Check the College of Charleston equivalent and the "Satisfied By" headings.  All Coursework Elsewhere is listed on your degree audit under the "Work Not Applicable to Any Program" section because no credit hours have been awarded.  An example of how it will appear is presented below:

    Work Not Applicable to Any Program

    ENGL 102           Composition and Literature                VP   0   2020 Fall

May I email the Coursework Elsewhere or Coursework Elsewhere during Senior Year Petition form?

  • Yes, you may email either form to from your College-issued email account. Please make sure the Coursework Elsewhere during Senior Petition Form has been signed by the department chair or program director of your major before submitting it to the Transfer Resource Center.

Will the GPA transfer from the school where I take the course?

  • No, taking courses at another institution has no effect on your College of Charleston GPA.

Will the GPA affect my Life Scholarship GPA?

  • Yes.  The Life Scholarship GPA is housed in the Financial Aid department and will be affected by Coursework Elsewhere.  You can find your GPA on MyCharleston.

What if I do not take the course?

  • You must contact to have the course removed.  If you do not, this may affect your ability to register for future College of Charleston courses.

How do I get the course(s) entered on my College of Charleston record after I have completed them?

  • You must have an official transcript from the school you attended sent to the College of Charleston.  This is not an automatic process.
    • By Mail:  Transfer Resource Center | College of Charleston | 66 George Street | Charleston, SC | 29424
    • If the other institution offers electronic delivery, use this email address:  The transcript is considered official if it comes directly from the other institution.
    • Hand-deliver an unopened transcript to the Transfer Resource Center on the second floor of the Lightsey Center.  The transcript must remain in a sealed envelope to be considered official.

What if the institution where I am planning to take my course(s) requires a permission letter from the College of Charleston?

Where can I obtain a copy of the Coursework Elsewhere form?

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