Credit Evaluations

The Registrar's Office will complete a formal evaluation of transfer credit after students are offered admission to the College of Charleston and an official transcript has been received. Students may use Degree Works in MyPortal to view an updated list of awarded and pending transfer credit.

  • Accepted students who have paid their deposit:  Degree Works is located on the Academic Services tab in MyPortal
  • Accepted students who have not paid their deposit: Degree Works is located on the Admissions Status tab in MyPortal.
The “Term by Term History” link in Degree Works provides the best view of transfer credit, although the information is also visible in the degree audit area.

Common Evaluation Abbreviations

Grades do not transfer to College of Charleston, only credit hours. Transferred courses are therefore assigned “grades” of TR, PT, or VP.

  • TR = Transferred course

  • PT = Pending Transcript. PT is an indicator that the course was in progress at another institution when the official transcript was received. A final, official transcript is required, at which time courses graded “C” (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher will be changed to TR.

  • VP = Visiting Permission.  VP is an indicator that a student plans to enroll in the course at another college/university. An official transcript showing the final grade of the course is required, at which time courses graded "C" (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) or higher will be changed to TR.

If no College of Charleston equivalent course exists, but credit is acceptable, the following lettering scheme is used as the last two places in the CofC course number:

  • EE = Elective Credit Only.  Credit hours count toward the 122 credit hour degree requirement.  They do not count toward major, minor, or general education requirements. 

  • MM = Major/Minor Course within the department.  Credit hours may count toward major or minor elective requirements.  The course is not equivalent to an existing CofC course.

Courses which require an evaluation by the designated department/program faculty member, and/or need additional information to be submitted before the course may be evaluated, are initially given one of the following CofC course identifications:

  • UNDE  XXX = Under Evaluation. Course has been sent to the faculty evaluator for review.
  • UNDE  SYL = Needs Syllabus. Student must supply course syllabus before the course may be reviewed.
  • UNDE  COU = Needs Course Description. Student must supply course description before the course may be evaluated.
  • UNDE  REG = Contact Registrar's Office.  More information is needed in order to determine if transfer credit can be awarded.  Please reach out to the Office of the Registrar to see what is needed.
  • UNDE  DEP = Department Chair Consultation Needed.  Student must speak with the department chair for the final course credit decision.

Students with courses evaluated as “Need Course Description” or “Syllabus Required” should e-mail the course description or syllabus to transferevaluation@cofc.edu or submit a paper copy to the Registrar's Office. Please include full given name, College of Charleston student ID number, and name of institution where course was completed.

Declining AP, IB and/or Transfer Credit

Students may decline transfer credit, AP credit and/or IB credit by completing the appropriate form in the Forms page. Students may decline transfer credit in order to add another transfer course(s) without going over the maximum hours of transfer credit allowed.  Effective with courses taken Fall 2015 forward, students may also decline transfer credit in order to take a course at another institution as a transient or cross-registered student.

Transfer Credit Evaluation Questions

  • Students who have not yet been accepted to the College of Charleston may submit questions regarding transfer credit evaluation to a Pre-Transfer Advisor at transferadvising@cofc.edu.
  • Accepted students who have not submitted official transcripts but would like information on how their credits may transfer should email transferadvising@cofc.edu.
  • Accepted students who have submitted their official transcripts and currently enrolled students should e-mail transferevaluation@cofc.edu if they have questions about their transfer credit.

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